I’m Tom, I’m 32 and I have a confession.

I’m not that good at video games. It used to embarrass me — but over the past 18 months I’ve accepted that it’s ok to be terrible.

My final acceptance of this fact has come over my attempts to play Hollow…

Earth has not anything to show more fair:

Dull would he be of soul who could pass by

A sight so touching in its majesty:

William Wordsworth — Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

No two people see London the same way. …

The death of the print mag of NME surprised me. Not because I thought it had a long and happy run ahead of it, but because of how sad the news made me.

The magazine felt out of place in 2018. It was known by most as an indie publication…

Humans are inherently lazy. We like to consume art other people have created, rather than go to the effort of creating something ourselves.

This simple fact is why Instagram is eating Snapchat’s lunch and will continue to do so. …

Lesson 1 of our journey through two of America’s most contrasting national parks — it’s not the heat which makes the wild west great. …

Excalibur Casino

2 men, 3 weeks, 5 states — 1 question: What makes America great?

Donald Trump has spent months claiming America needs to be made great again. We’re setting out to test his claim and discover what greatness already lies within America.

Spectacle and Scale. The two words which best sum…

It has a fear problem

One of the most common laments about the PR industry is that we’re creatively dry. But, that’s not our problem.

There’s enough talent around to provide ideas for every client who ever wants them. What we have is a fear problem.

We rule out boundary pushing ideas before they even…

Can you claim momentum if you only finished third?

Most people would say no, but it’s the big question facing Marco Rubio following the Iowa caucus.

Why does it matter? Because it defines whether Rubio continues to play it safe or if he decides to go for the jugular.


The media world has been obsessed with Amazon’s very public rebuttal of the New York Times investigative piece/hatchet job (delete as appropriate). The actual argument is less exciting than what it tells us about the media industry in 2015

1. The Washington Post isn’t yet a mouthpiece for Jeff Bezos

The future of Twitter is everyone’s favourite discussion topic at the moment. Jack Dorsey’s brutal summary of the problems facing the company has encouraged speculation around who might want to buy the company.

Mathew Ingram’s covered exactly why Google should want to buy Twitter, but should Twitter look to sell?

Tom Rouse

Creative & Strategy Director for Don't Cry Wolf. Big fan of food, gaming and long reads about obscure subjects

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